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“I wonder what the response would be if parents of students who had this professor demanded a refund?  Or, if they sued the school for “harm” caused to the students?  You have to wonder whether this professor ever has read The Constitution?  He would not have had to read much as this is about the VERY FIRST Amendment!”

Wayne State professor Steven Shaviro has been suspended after allegedly suggesting college protesters kill campus speakers they don’t like.

Stanford was recently engulfed by protests and chaos when federal judge Kyle Duncan was invited to speak to campus. Stanford University Law School associate dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Tirien Steinbach suggested Duncan’s speech was causing pain. She was later placed on leave, according to Fox News.

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“Isn’t “pro China” news, negative US and thus dollar news? Make no mistake, this is about the most negative dollar news to date!”:

In what has been dubbed a “HUGE push” by the Saudi state-owned petrochemical giant into China’s economy, Saudi Aramco surprised the world with a double-header of pro-China news: first, Aramco said it will build a $10 billion refinery in China and, just hours later, it revealed that it would acquire a stake a 10% stake in a Top Chinese oil refinery.

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“The natives are getting restless!”

Thank you Dave for colating several stories …NONE of which have been covered on US news except for a spattering of the Israeli protests. Shame on the US media, they are right out of 1984!  Bill

The country is set to be “paralyzed” on Monday as public transport workers will reportedly protest for wage increases.

Germany braces for biggest strike in decades – Bild — RT World News

Bordeaux city hall set on fire amid nationwide protests against French pension changes

Largely peaceful protests are marred by outbreaks of violence as unions claim 3.5 million turned out, while authorities put number at just over 1 million

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis took part in nationwide rallies Saturday evening for the 12th straight week of mass protests against the government’s radical plans to overhaul the judicial system, ahead of the expected passage next week of a core part of the shakeup.

Tens of thousands protest Czech NATO and EU membership

Demonstrators gathered on Wednesday in Prague to ask Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s administration to resign in the wake of rising energy costs and called for the relationship with the EU, NATO, the UN and the WHO to be reconsidered.

Dozens arrested at protests against govt in Moldova

Strike dates: Who is striking when and what pay do they want?

Hundreds of thousands of workers have been taking part in strikes or are planning to.

The disputes are mostly over pay, with unions calling for wage rises to keep up with rising prices.

Strike dates: Who is striking when and what pay do they want? – BBC News

Bill’s commentary:

Erik with a slew of questions!

Bill’s commentary:

Edward Dowd

March Madness!

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